Our Story

How it started…

The ministry started on the campus of St. John’s Grammar Senior High School in May 2004 at a time when most Christian on campus did not like partaking in inter-school sporting activities. A group of ten form two students led by Bro. Samuel Kofi Asiamah, with the passion of winning souls decided to come together to share Gospel tracts during inter-school sporting activities Senior Secondary Schools in Accra, which was held at the Accra Sports Stadium.
In December 2004, the small group organized a musical concert dubbed “Gospel Explosion” at Alajo, a suburb of Accra. It was in the programme that the group was launched as International Christian Youth Organization (ICYO) with the purpose of winning souls for Christ.
After completion of school in 2005, members of the group were scattered. Early 2006, Bro. Samuel Kofi Asiamah brought together the few members in Accra for a weekly evangelism outreaches. With time, new members joined the fellowship for evangelism outreaches in communities in Accra.
In that same year, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the name of the fellowship was changed from ICYO to Focus Higher International (FHI). The name “Focus Higher” is based on Colossians 3:2 “Set your minds on things above, not on things on the earth”. This simply means the fellowship’s mind is set on bringing heavenly things, which are eternal to the youth of the world.
After the change of the fellowship’s name, one of the founding members, Solomon Anderson designed a logo showing a man holding a telescope looking at the sky. The man in the logo represents the youth and our focus to reach out to every youth with the gospel and the telescope represent the word of God, the means of reaching out. The looking at the sky means eternity in view. This was accepted as the official logo for the ministry.
Some of our members gaining admission into various tertiary institutions, the work of the ministry extended to various tertiary institution. However, the ministry did not survive in most of the tertiary institution except University of Cape Coast (UCC). With time, UCC campuses became a central point for the ministry in organizing outreaches to schools, communities and villages.
In 2008, the ministry was duly registered as a faith- based organization with the Register General Department of Ghana as a company limited by Guarantee in 2008 in accordance with the Ghana Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) with the main business being winning souls for Christ.
Currently, Focus Higher International (FHI) is an interdenominational evangelistic ministry that is devoted to winning souls for Christ through evangelistic outreaches. The ministry through its outreach programs has reached out to several people in the villages, communities, campuses and schools with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. FHI is a member of the Ghana Evangelical Mission Association (GEMA).