Mrs. Georgina Baffour Awuah


Auntie Georgina got in contact with the ministry in 2004 as a facilitator for evangelism training when she was a staff of Great Commission movement of Ghana (GCMG). Since the encounter, she has continued to provide training and timeless ministry advice to the leadership of the ministry.

She is an Evangelism Trainer, Youth Counsellor, Language Interpreter and Women Development Advocate. Her works for the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ has been a blessing to various Mission Agency and Churches such as Assemblies of God, International Central Gospel Church, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, GCMG and TheoVision International.

Auntie Georgina is married to Mr. Baffour Awuah and blessed with three adult children.

She currently works as a full staff of TheoVision International, Ghana.


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