Missions is an Adventure

Missions is an Adventure

Missions is an Adventure

Have you ever taken a Christian short-term missions trips to a far village or community in your country or another country? If you have, you will certainly know that missions is an adventure, but if you haven’t, then this article will inspire you too.

The missions journey of serving and fulfilling God’s mission of redeeming the lost and establishing God’s kingdom on earth comes with unusual and exciting or daring experiences. The experiences and exposure of the missions journey open one’s eyes to a diversity of worldviews. It brings many discovery experiences you can learn and the unexpected that could occur to challenge your faith and Christian life.

I have had the privilege to embark on both local and international short-term missions. I can bodily affirm that when you give yourself to God and let him use you, life becomes an adventure. That’s when you really start to live!

But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. 2 Cor 2:14

With so many years of embarking on short-term missions trips, I can tell you numerous encounters that make missions an adventure full of Fun, Faith, and Fellowship.

Fun: Contrary to the majority of Christian’s perception (missions are boring with solely a seriously spiritual pimp face all the time), missions is fun. Yeah, you heard me right, missions is fun and it’s full of enjoyment, entertaining, and light-hearted pleasures too. The enjoyment of trying new food, the amusement of learning new languages along the light-hearted pleasure of long travels on a bus or walking in the bush, sitting in a boat to cross a river are delightful. There’s nothing more fun than interaction with new people in a new environment with a new way of living. Although missions is a spiritual journey, it comes with moments of grace and joy which rejuvenates the mind, strengthens the body, and of course, soothe the soul. If your life has been stall with the same routine, then embark on a missions trip which is not only fun but grows your faith.

Faith: There’s no journey that brings the reality of your faith to bear like missions. The missions journey is often marked with the unknown and unexpected; once you hope and trust in the Lord, surely, there is an incredible increase. I am a witness of testimonies of how people who embark on missions trips trusted God for provisions and the Lord provided at the last minute moment. Not only do you have faith in God’s provisions, but you trust in God’s supernatural protection for the journey and deliverance from the evil one.

It takes faith to embark on missions as an adventure to hoping for substance and the evidence of things not seen. The missions journey is an adventure by faith, through faith, and with faith. It involves preaching the Gospel for people to be saved, casting out demons, praying for the sick to be healed, and many more. All these things make missions an adventurous journey that increases one’s faith in the Lord. If you are having doubtful thoughts about your Christian faith, then I will employ you to embark on missions. It will increase faith because of its rich encounters and its glorious outcomes. Besides, the fellowship of the brethren will push you to different dimensions in the Christian walk.

Fellowship: The missions journey is an adventure of sharing. There is an exciting opportunity for deep fellowship in sharing the Gospel together with other believers. It gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with those who haven’t heard. It’s a great privilege to share the joy and burden of Christ with the unreached souls. There is an amazing moment of sharing fun and faith with like-minded Christians while sharing food, water, clothing, shelter, and much more. The sharing is done in such a way that nobody will be in need while on the missions field. The real Christian fellowship of sharing the burden of Christ and His blessings is always exhibited fully on missions journey. If you are feeling lonely in the Christian walk, then I urge you to embark on a missions adventurous journey, a full experience of rich authentic Christian fellowship.

To sum it up, taking an adventurous journey in missions is personal, and you are sure of its excitement as you journey. It brings smiles to the heart, sprints our faith to another level, and solidifies our Christian fellowship with other believers from different denominations. I just shared with you memories of my personal experiences on short-term missions trips. It’s been memories of fun, faith, and fellowship. It’s my prayer that you launch out on a missions adventurous journey for memorable experiences while glorifying Christ.

Author: Samuel Kofi Asiamah

FHI Executive Director

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