The Land is Open for the Gospel

The Land is Open for the Gospel

Open to me the gates of righteousness; I shall enter through them, I shall give thanks to the Lord. Psalms 118:19

The persistent and fervent prayers of the body of Christ for the unreached Nanumba people group in Ghana is making the land open for the Gospel. It’s been four (4) years of pursuing God’s vision of reclaiming the North of Africa for Christ through church planting and disciples making among the Nanumbas. Within this years, we have mobilized and sent labourers for both long and short term missions. This year’s Go-North Missions among the Nanumbas which was embarked on by twenty five (25) missionaries from 1st to 30th May 2021 is a testimony that the Nanumba Land is Open for the Gospel.

FHI in partnership with Capro Missions have been working among four (4) Nanumba communities in the Nanumba South District in the Northern Region of Ghana. These are predominantly communities without the presence of the Gospel. There have been several evangelistic outreaches such as
school outreaches, house- to-house evangelism, discipleship, follow-ups, visitations and Jesus film show among these communities.

Initially, it was difficult to penetrate with the Gospel but we can testify this year to the glory of God that the land is open. Many people were eager to hear the Gospel from the Missions Team.

The amazing testimony is the new community, we wanted to enter during this year’s Go-North Missions. After several interaction with community leaders and the difficulties in getting accommodations for the team, the communities leaders who happens not to be a Christian but of a different religion announced to the communities that some Christians have visited the community with the Gospel and encouraged all to give the team their cooperation.

This is an amazing spiritual breakthrough because this is a community without any church presence. For the first time, the team had three (3) consecutive Church services every Sunday with an average attendance of ten (10) people.

Truly, the land is open to the Gospel. The chief and household freely hears the Gospel. Everyone in all visited communities knows the amazing story of the Gospel. No one was left out. From Adult to children. They heard what Jesus Christ did on the cross for them. At the of the missions, thirty four (34) people have given their lives to Christ. Many of them being converts from another religion. There were approximately Five hundred and forty seven (547) people who heard the Gospel throughout this year’s Missions.

This year’s Go-North Missions started with a three-day training and retreat. The training was meant to equipped team members with the knowledge of Christian Experiences, Assurances, knowing Nanumba people group, teamwork, Child Evangelism and reaching out to Muslims. The team also spent days in praying and fasting.

There were many Nanumbas who heard the Gospel but couldn’t make a decision due to the fear of persecution. We encourage you all to continue praying that the Lord will break the bondage of fear so that many who heard the Gospel will bodily make a decision to follow Jesus.

This is an extract from the Report of Go-North Missions among the Nanumba in May 2021. kindly send an email request for the full report to

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