COVID-19 could not stop the building of God’s Church

COVID-19 could not stop the building of God’s Church

The God of heaven will prosper us; therefore, we His servants will arise and build, (Nehemiah 2:20)

Our Missionary, Elijah, at Mojado has been able to organize the church members in raising a mud building for their church. The young men in the church dug out the soil and our missionaries aided with the transportation of water using the ministry’s motor tricycle. Our host missionaries, Pastor Yemi and his wife also provided woods, roofing sheet and nails. All Praise to God, the Mojado Church has been roofed successfully. However, the roofing does not mark the end of the work. We need to continue with plastering, screeding and painting to make the work complete.

Our support to aid the building of temples under the project, Eradication of Churches under Trees (E-CUT) is ongoing. The current support we advanced to the Church planted at Gimam has resulted in the molding of one thousand three hundred (1300) blocks. We have not been able to raise the church building because, we want to build two additional rooms to serve as a mission house adjacent the church building. With the current number of blocks we have, our next step will be focused on raising the building and roof it. We humbly continue to seek your support to complete the work.

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