More time for Discipleship in the midst of COVID-19

More time for Discipleship in the midst of COVID-19

Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. (Matthew 28:20)

The youth in the church planted at Gimam had enough time during this period of ban on social gathering due to Covid-19 to go through the teaching on repentance from dead works. We are grateful to God for their availability, faithfulness and understanding of God’s word. To God be the glory, all the youth who participated are now able to recite and remember the memory verse for the teachings. The most known and loved memory verses were     II Corinthians 5:17, Colossians 1:27 and 2 Timothy 3:17.

Missionary Kingsley continues to have discipleship fellowship with his four (4) committed disciples. They have started lessons on the subject; ‘Christlikeness’ and the importance of Christlikeness in the life of a Christian. Moreover, he spends time to pray with the disciples. It is our fervent hope that this time of prayer fellowship will help increase the disciples’ interest for prayers and strengthen their faith in the Lord.

Similarly, the three disciples of Missionary Seth in Kpayansi have gone through the readings on John 14 and John 15 both in English and Dagbani to enhance comprehension. They are now able to narrate the stories to their friends and also apply the lessons learnt to their personal lives. The aim is to teach them how to read and to allow them to be fully convinced in their heart about Jesus Christ.

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