O Lord, Give us the Nations

O Lord, Give us the Nations

 Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.  Psalm 2:8

The outcry of the twenty-three (23) participants who gathered for this year’s Praying Through Summit (PTS) was for God to grant the nations an inheritance for the Kingdom of God.

The three days of fasting and prayer sessions that occurred in the CDM Retreat Center, Ayi Mensah, in Accra from Thursday, April 6th to Sunday, April 9th had several spirit-filled sessions.

Participants praying

The uniqueness of PTS is the continuous three-day fasting with only water, slight fruits, and tea at 6 p.m. each. Each night of the three days had powerful prayers that focused on world evangelization, Christianity, Go-North Missions, Christian business, families, and individuals.

For the first time, we were blessed with different speakers for each prayer session. Mr Asiamah opened the Thursday half-night with an exposition on the theme of God’s promise to give the nations to us as an inheritance. The Friday all-night prayers led by Bro. Tawam rekindled the desire to intercede for the nations, while the last Saturday half-night empowered us with tools for missions spiritual warfare led by Pastor Selassie Mawuenyega.

Mr. Asiamah preaching

Besides the prayer sessions, the summit witnessed disciple-making fellowship Bible studies and mentoring sessions. At the climax of the three days of the spiritual journey were the washing of the feet, the fellowship of communion, and the anointing for greater works at missions.

Feet Washing

All glory to God for a wonderful and successful PTS.