Missions Awareness at CEM turns into a Power Encounter

Missions Awareness at CEM turns into a   Power Encounter

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Cor 1:18

Every visitation has a purpose, but often the visitation outcomes are very different from the expectations. Over the years, the FHI missions team has made use of every opportunity to visit churches and campuses to create awareness of the need for everyone to get on board with a willing heart to support the reclaiming of the North of Africa for Christ. During the resurrection Sunday of the just-ended Praying Through Summit (PTS), the team decided to visit the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM), Helps Temple at Oyirifa, to create awareness of Go-North Missions 2023.

MAC Stand at CEM

The team had expectations to recruit labourers and raise funds for the missions, but unknowingly, the Lord had a great plan for the team. The Lord used the ministry of Rev. Victoria Lokko to engulf us with power from on high. This is the narrative of what happened on that faithful Sunday morning.

The team was welcomed into a beautiful sanctuary. The service began with uplifting prayer, disciple-making bible studies, and worship. Then, the time came for the sermon, Rev. Dr Mrs Victoria Lokko ministered a memorable, powerful, and impactful word to the congregation.

FHI members during praise and worship

She taught us why we must exalt Jesus with proof of Jesus’ resurrection. She gave an altar call and prayed for everyone who wanted an encounter with the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus promised and who is also here with us. She ministered powerfully under the power of the Holy Spirit. There was diverse impartation for the church members, especially the FHI team members. Likewise, there were prophetic utterances, special ministrations, and impartations to the FHI team members. It was a glorious time in the presence of the Lord.

FHI Team Members during the Powerful Ministration

After the powerful sermon, the FHI was given an opportunity to address the church on the purpose of their visit. The team leader took the time to explain the ministry’s outreaches to the congregation. Subsequently, “the Come and Let’s Go video clip” was telecast to the congregation.

FHI Team members narrating their purpose of visit

The church supported the upcoming Go-North Missions 2023 with cash and encouraged the congregation to do likewise. In addition, the church promised to send donations for Let’s Break Bread at Potter Orphanage and honoured the pledge.

Indeed, missions’ awareness became an impact of power to crown the PTS. We give all the glory to God. Thanks to the leadership of CEM-Helps Temple and FHI for such a wonderful fellowship. It was truly a remarkable and life-changing experience for the team. God richly bless us all.

FHI Missions Team

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